A spacious villa with breathtaking views, on the south coast of Ibiza. The original structure from the late 80ties has been redistributed by opening up the floor plans , using real materials (concrete, stone, wood) and maximising the views from all the rooms over the sea.  Custom made tables in steel or recycled hardwood, set accents in  the contemporary furnishing. An oversized black shell chandelier and generous paintings are decorating the very high passage that leads down, towards the sleeping area. This in between space is now the 2nd kitchen and dining area. The 5 bedroom house, bathrooms all en  suite, with large living areas, 2 kitchens, and cinema,  allows the owner to entertain his guests during the Ibiza summer.





This Finca has been enhanced and modernised, using traditional materials. For the open plan kitchen, sturdy stone working surfaces allow an interesting contrast with a stainless steel cooking part and a handcrafted wooden working island. In the generous dining area, the old stone walls were brought to life with chalk. The living area has been opened up to the stunning grounds, to allow the indoor-outdoor lifestyle for the family and can easily be adapted for entertaining large numbers too. Bathrooms have been fitted with pebble floors and custom made furniture, combined with stone sinks. Special freedom was taken in choosing the lamps, made out of copper, pressed glass, resinas, iron and ceramic.





The task was to keep the feeling of this traditional finca. The family who inhabits this historical walls wanted more light and open space. Small windows and rooms were opened up, skylights and light furniture combined with handmade concrete floors and chalked walls, give a frame to host the owners art collection. During the hot summer month, the lavish gardens offer various outside dining and entertaining areas. 





A comfortable island retreat and a home away from home. The existing structure was transformed into a easy living summer villa. Located on the steep coastal strip with little land but amazing views, intelligent distribution combined with precisely customised bed and bathrooms and clever built storage, allowed maximum use of the available space to host up to 12 persons. Marble, copper, stone, wood and linen are used in the interiors. 







The structure and layout of this property was not to be touched. The new owner wanted a total update and relaunch on all furniture and a stylish solution for this property, to be competitive on the rental market. Stunning views are the main attraction of this generous home . I wanted as little obstructions and interference for the visitor’s visual senses from the interior part; in the same time I needed to give some warmth and coziness. This was meet by a wide range of linen and other natural high end quality fabrics with different textures for curtains, cushions, poufs and rugs. 


Some of the existing pieces of furniture could be integrated; a welcome solution towards the sustainability-effort that the world needs now. Custom made solutions for living room’s TV and sound systems and entrance with clever indirect lighting solved the problem of non existing light in the ceilings. Wallpaper, plush couches inside and outside, different ambiences for the 5 bedrooms and a discrete touch of art on the wall were the keys to round up the project. 





A private apartment in a former hostel on the waterfront of Ibiza’s harbour.  This is open-plan living on 2 floors. Using clever distribution and furniture arrangements, the design can be updated and adapted to suit the owners evolving needs and habits over time.







Proposal for client with nomadic lifestyle, wanting a small home in Ibiza. 65m2 living space in a townhouse, right on the sea. We respect the high ceilings with original wood and iron structure and integrate it in a classic design: Timeless materials like terrazzo flooring, walnut and marble for kitchen copper for appliances and some lamps. Bespoke furniture combined with classical designer pieces and the right art collection round up this ‘urban Ibiza’ look.