DANCER 2004/2005




Nothing is permanent in this world , everything changes constantly. This thoughts and sketches in various dance schools, combined with a passionate admiration of this art lead to the DANCER series. Works are in mixed media on canvas and wood, drawings in ink, charcoal and ball pen.


NACKT 2006



As a form of art, the nude’s principal point of reference lies in Greek art. The faces in the series aren’t nude. Large scale paintings built on big brushstrokes depersonalises the figures. Its no more about the individual , but rather an artistic form about which one speculates in a game of figures and form, light and shade. Paintings are oil on linen, drawings mixed media.





During a longer stay in Amsterdam the ,Wallen’ left a bigger impression on the artist. Since life sketching was not possible, the base of the series were secretly taken images; these together with writings and drawings of the nude, gave the frame for this body of work. Paintings are oil and pigments on mixed media canvas, drawings acrylic and ink.